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I'm Stephanie Martinz, and I'm a Pediatric Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®

Sleepless nights can be so hard on everyone in the family. Let me help guide you to better nights and happier days.

I offer baby sleep coaching services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Serviços disponíveis em Português. | Servicios disponibles en Español.

The gentle sleep philosophy I coach promotes good sleep habits and builds upon that important parent and child bond. Our approach is to sleep coach in a gentler manner for families who emotionally or philosophically resist letting their babies just cry it out.

We are here to support you with compassion and encouragement from beginning to end, for night sleep, naps and routines.

Contact me today and let me help your tired family get the sleep they need!

What Families Say About Working With Me

Thank you so so so much Stephanie for everything!!!! You were so knowledgeable and supportive, you understood how I felt, and you couldn’t have been more amazing. I'm so thankful, now my baby is sleeping so good and I’m back in my own room with my hubby! We would recommend Stephanie to everyone looking for baby sleep coaching!

- Baby S. 7 months old

Stephanie was there for us and understood our needs. She put together a clear and comprehensive plan and routine that worked with our family, and she answered all our questions and concerns, giving us great ideas! Thanks to Stephanie our son is now sleeping all night and is much more manageable during his day time activities. He's no longer overtired!

- Baby M. 10 months old

Complimentary Sleep Consultation

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