Hi my name is Stephanie, and I’m a Pediatric Certified Gentle Sleep Coach®.

When my son was born he didn't sleep very well. I had expected this, but by the time he was 6 months old, the extreme tiredness was pervading all aspects of my life--my health, my emotional and mental wellbeing, and my marriage. I got to understand the real meaning of Sleep Deprivation.

And I felt so frustrated and exhausted!

I understand how fundamentally important sleep is for babies, and really wanted to help my son. I tried to make changes on my own, but It seemed the more I researched the subject of sleep training for my baby, the more confused and discouraged I became. All the advice I read on baby sleep training seemed contradictory.

I had ALL the questions and NONE of the answers.


My research left me with more unanswered questions such as:

  • What is the most appropriate sleep plan for my child?
  • Will this work for our family?
  • How long will sleep training take?
  • Is he old enough to sleep train?
  • Should he still be having night feeds?

That’s when my mother suggested I hire a pediatric sleep coach.

I had never heard of sleep coaching before, but I was desperate to get us the help and support we needed, so that same day I called a Pediatric Sleep Coach to find out more.

Very soon after our first conversation we began to put together a custom sleep training plan for my son. I followed through with the plan, and pretty quickly I began to see real positive changes in my son's sleep habits.

As I have an extensive background in holistic nutrition, fitness and pre/post natal fitness, and because of my own positive experience with sleep coaching, I took the plunge and I joined the Gentle Sleep Coach® training program so I could help families get the sleep they need.

And that's what I've been doing ever since. 

I now feel DETERMINED to help tired families, and I have being doing so since July 2019. To my mind there's  no greater value than helping parents achieve a rested happier baby and a peaceful home.

I know how hard these times can be. Let me help guide you to better nights and happier days.
I know I’ll forever be grateful I reached out and got the help I needed.

Additional Credentials & Courses

  • Ruling Out Postpartum Depression, Dr. Shosh
  • Reflux in Children and Sleep, Dr. Anthony Loizides
  • Holistic Nutrition Certification - Trinity University B.C. 2008
  • Fitness Coach Certification - BCRPA 2007
  • Pre/Postpartum Fitness Certification - BCRPA 2010

Call me on 954.999.7604 for a free 15 minute consultation today and let me help you
and your family get the sleep you need.